Graphic and painting art studio of Anna Siek

The workplace is situated in her family house, where also several other studios are situated. Artists have lived here or visited this place for more than a hundred and fifty years.

Józef Mehoffer “Dziwny ogród” /

The first owner of the house was Andrzej Stopka Senior, an expert in artistic handicraft, as well as the author of „Historia rodów góralskich” („The history of hill people families”). The house was later inhabited by Andrzej Stopka Junior, a well-known art director and caricaturist. The present owners are Jan Siek together with his wife, Teresa; both artists are sculptors. In the period of Młoda Polska (Young Poland; modernism) Józef Mehoffer and his family used to stay here. Affected by the charm of the garden surrounding the house he painted Dziwny Ogród (Strange Garden), which became a symbol of Młoda Polska. Also, Henryk Sienkiewicz would often visit the house.


The studio is a place of creative experiments. It is equipped with printing presses for various techniques, including silk-screen printing and other tools and materials. Both children and adults can take part in workshops during which they are accustomed with printmaking and painting techniques. The studio is an open place where one can still see old-fashioned methods of preparing matrixes and using them for printing.

Photography by Joanna Kozek

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