Watercolors, especially those concerning flowers are a kind of herbarium for me. This technique properly reflects the matter of these ever-renewing wonders of nature and, capture their fragile beauty. The motif that I also often paint in this technique is water. It is possible that by the very fact that it is a medium of pigment and adhesive, it accurately shows its character, reflections and texture of structure, delighting with freshness and simplicity.

fot. Joanna Kozek


Plein-air sketchbook

Sketches are a very important stage of work for me, the germ of an idea, in which are the most important information about emotional states, my view of the world, and observations. Often this form, imperceptible at a later stage, in the purest and simplest way links the moment of transferring into reality the fleeting  thought-idea, sometimes incomprehensible to me, the very essence of a thing that intrigues me at the moment. Sometimes clumsy, drawn or painted in a hurry, in the dark, in the rain or in the heat, and sometimes in concentration, precise, they are the best witnesses of the search for form, composition, color, struggle between ideas and matter.

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