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Portrait in technique: oil on canvas, watercolour, pastel or drawing Making a portrait is not just painting a face; it is something much more than that. You must get to know the person. What is he or she like? It is always important to try to find out about their character: if they are open introvert, cheerful or timid. It is crucial what facet of their personality I want to highlight. That is why personal contact with the model is so important. Of course, if it is not possible, a good

Art workshops for children, youth and adults

I invite everyone interested in experimenting with the colour, line and form to my art studio in Siedlec as well as for outdoor painting organized in the gardens. You can learn about various graphic, painting and sculpture techniques. The graphic techniques  using traditional graphic press are: linocut, dry needle, etching, gypsum, woodcut, monotype, collagraph. Painting techniques: tempera, watercolor, oil, acrylic. Sculpture techniques: sculpture in clay, bas-relief, castings,