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My prints are for me a kind of traces left after ideas, which brought the results of my work to life. I combine various methods of graphic art and painting, such as: lithography, dry point, etching, aquatint, watercolor paint and pastel. It also happens that I work on old prints one more time and continue my efforts so that they “speak out” again. At the beginning it is usually a simple sketch, an idea, which starts subsequent changes as far as the form, colour and texture are concerned. A

Abstract forms

"Icarus" One of my graphics series, which I have named "Icarus", speak of our daily lives, of our falls and upsets and the power that makes us born again in the ability to take another attempt to cross our personal borders. The “Icarus” graphics are the epitome of romantic inlet, lofty ideals, heroism bordering on madness just as a flight to the sun. However, sometimes this flight can be even our simply overcome the hardships of everyday life. “Icarus" and his father fled from captivity,