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Welcome to the open day of our art studios and exhibitions and our guests exhibitions, on July 1;st from 16.00 p.m.,

I cordially invite you on July 1 from 16.00 to the open day of our art studios and exhibitions and our guests, this year we will host an exhibition of art photography by Marek Kowalski and Grzgoż Ojżyński, graphics by Joanna Kozek, painting by Wiktor Zwolski . The exhibitions and sculpture studios of Andrzej Siek and Jan Siek, the painting workshop of Anna Siek, the conservation of paintings by Zofia Siek-Mlicka, and the painting exhibition of Jacek Siek. Animated films, drawings and

The History of Art Studios of The Family

The studios and the family house are situated about 25 kilometres from Kraków, Poland. The house is surrounded with a garden and ponds; it used to belong to Andrzej Stopka, an art director from Kraków. Jan Siek coped with the refurbishment of the dwelling for many years. The house and garden owe their present appearance to his persistent work as well as to Teresa, his wife. She is undoubtedly the person to take care for the whole building and the family. [FinalTilesGallery id='23'] The

Abstract forms

"Icarus" One of my graphics series, which I have named "Icarus", speak of our daily lives, of our falls and upsets and the power that makes us born again in the ability to take another attempt to cross our personal borders. The “Icarus” graphics are the epitome of romantic inlet, lofty ideals, heroism bordering on madness just as a flight to the sun. However, sometimes this flight can be even our simply overcome the hardships of everyday life. “Icarus" and his father fled from captivity,

Graphic and painting art studio of Anna Siek

The workplace is situated in her family house, where also several other studios are situated. Artists have lived here or visited this place for more than a hundred and fifty years. [caption id="attachment_1055" align="alignleft" width="283"] Józef Mehoffer "Dziwny ogród" /[/caption] The first owner of the house was Andrzej Stopka Senior, an expert in artistic handicraft, as well as the author of „Historia rodów góralskich” („The history of hill people