Abstract forms


One of my graphics series, which I have named “Icarus”, speak of our daily lives, of our falls and upsets and the power that makes us born again in the ability to take another attempt to cross our personal borders.
The “Icarus” graphics are the epitome of romantic inlet, lofty ideals, heroism bordering on madness just as a flight to the sun. However, sometimes this flight can be even our simply overcome the hardships of everyday life.

“Icarus” and his father fled from captivity, like us from our cages, but learning to fly is not always easy and safe. I often have dreams about flying, in dreams it is as natural and easy as walking, flying is a symbol of physical and spiritual freedom. In today’s world there is a lot of freedom, but we often miss something that we do not find in it. Maybe what is around us is just an illusion of freedom and a kind of cage for us.

Each of our small successes and fiascos leaves a trace in our mind. Similarly, in the graphics, the trace on paper was left by the matrix that has undergone many processes of transformation. Each print is a kind of trace of idea that brought it to life.

“The doors”

Title “The doors” is a symbol of moving into a different reality, rediscovering things and phenomena well known to us, seeing them in a different light. Sometimes thought meets the motive and becomes an answer for itself, then a source of inspiration arises, it is a new door that I open.
This is one of the way of understanding the reality that surrounds me, and the new world that opens up before me is the starting point for creation. Initially, I study selected themes, listen to them so that I can transform them into symbols and give them new names.
There is a fluid border between realistic and abstract forms, both are created on the basis of the same laws that apply in nature, they decide on statics, dynamics and mutual relations. During the process of constructing works, new hints often appear resulting from the technique in which they are performed, material resistance or a surprising case, such a dialogue is needed without it the picture would be incomplete. Records of thoughts dressed into shapes and colors, ripped fragments of our world, hide behind the next door, waiting for the opening.


This cycle is an attempt to understand the nature of femininity through personal feelings and sensations. The strength that lies in the seemingly fragile person of a woman always fascinates and inspires. At the same time the laws of nature, which we are subject, seem omnipotent power – a mysterious, uncontrollable, dormant somewhere at the bottom of each of our smallest particles.
In this cycle, I try to understand and capture the outline of these complicated mechanisms. This is a cycle to which I often come back, bringing new pictures – records of feelings and thoughts, answers to the question: who is a woman, who I am.


The immortals is a story about forms that remain unchanged, constantly reborn again. This cycle took its name from flowers that do not fade, dog tags in Polish called immortals. Their organic, strong forms delight with their complexity of shapes and colors, a mosaic of geometric patterns, and a variety of surfaces. They are a symbol of the power of nature for me. These abstract forms based on motifs taken from nature are also a reflection of myself, changes in me; a mirror in which I can see and understand better myself.


It may take an unusual and surprising form, impresses with strength, wreak destruction and fear, but also brings solace. Pulsing in every inch of our world, it wakes to life when appears and puts everything to sleep when it leaves.
This delightful, omnipresent, speeding element accompanying me since childhood, led me observe its forms, movements and colors. I carry it in myself, and its form helps me express emotional and spiritual states. I try to keep different fragments of these images hidden in me and translate them into the language of graphics.

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