Portrait in technique:
oil on canvas, watercolour, pastel or drawing

Making a portrait is not just painting a face; it is something much more than that. You must get to know the person. What is he or she like? It is always important to try to find out about their character: if they are open introvert, cheerful or timid. It is crucial what facet of their personality I want to highlight. That is why personal contact with the model is so important. Of course, if it is not possible, a good photograph should be enough.

It is very important that the photograph is taken in natural light, during a posing session. If the light conditions are not good enough, I use artificial light. I usually use numerous photographs to compose the final picture I am going to start my work with.
Beginning with the image I make a pencil sketch, which can be shown to the client by using e-mail so that we can change something before starting making the portrait.

During the first meeting we agree how big the portrait should be, what technique is to be used and how the model wants to be portrayed. We also arrange further meetings if necessary if the photo session is not enough. Documentation from the next steps of the portrait can also be sent to the client. Customer comments may be considered if necessary to make changes.




The prices vary according to the size, the amount of work and the choice of technique between drawing, oil or watercolor. These matters are fully discussed and finalized with each Client. Travel, lodging and delivery expenses are not included.

Method of payment:
30% deposit before work begins is required. Paid in full upon completion.

For more details please get in touch with me at +48 605 265 267 or via the contact form on my website. I will be happy to answer any question. Feel free to ask any time.

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