Welcome to the open day of our art studios and exhibitions and our guests exhibitions, on July 1;st from 16.00 p.m.,

I cordially invite you on July 1 from 16.00 to the open day of our art studios and exhibitions and our guests, 
this year we will host an exhibition of art photography by Marek Kowalski and Grzgoż Ojżyński, 
graphics by Joanna Kozek, painting by Wiktor Zwolski . 
The exhibitions and sculpture studios of Andrzej Siek and Jan Siek, the painting workshop of Anna Siek, 
the conservation of paintings by Zofia Siek-Mlicka, and the painting exhibition of Jacek Siek.
Animated films, drawings and graphics by Wiktoria Mateja will also be presented, Mikael Larsen will present his drawings,
we will be able to see the artist at work.

As in the previous year, the whole event will be accompanied by instrumental and vocal concerts.

performers: Harp - Cristina Siek 
Violin - Emilia Przybylik 
Classical guitar - Zuzanna Zych 
piano-Piotr Olszewski, Milosz Bazarnik 
Oboe - Teresa Siek 
Xylophone - Zofia Siek 
Viola - Maria Siek 
Vocal and ukulele - Izabela Kołodziej 
Vocal - Bartłomiej Imach 
Vocal - Zenon Mąsior

schedule of events;

16.00 - opening and announcement of artists and musicians

16.15 - concert of instrumental entertainment music combined with a music quiz.

17.00-18.00 visiting exhibitions and studios

18.00 Milosz Bazarnik solo jazz piano

18.30-19.30 concert of classical music

19.30-20.30 further tour of exhibitions and workshops

20.30- 21.30 vocal and instrumental performances

22.00- 23.00 performance with fire Andrzej Siek and fire show artistic group

23.30 the end of the event

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